Free Cert. 4 In Small Business TAFE Course Brisbane

BEC group meeting

Recently I completed a Certificate 4 in Small Business course as part of an initiative by TAFE Queensland. This short course helped me a great deal personally and I can highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their own business. I wanted to write about my experiences here in the hope of sharing it with other people in Brisbane so they can get as much out of it as I did.

Course Details

This is actually a free course as part of a Queensland Government incentive program. It is conducted over 1 weekend and backed up with a couple of personal mentoring sessions with the course coordinators Alice Langford & Andrew Spyropoulos. It is open to all small business owners (or aspiring owners) and offers valuable practical insights into many aspects of running a successful business. The class sizes are very small (5 at my course) and focused on working specifically with each student and their own personal situation. After successful completion of the course you will be awarded a Certificate 4 in Small Business by TAFE Queensland. The course covers many aspects including forecasting, protection, risk assessment, employment, internal systems, administration, and also online marketing.

The Importance of Online Marketing in Small Business

A significant section of this course was devoted to online marketing, SEO and social media. Providing this service as part of my own business I already understood the importance of it for any small business. However the fact that it weighed so heavily in the course curriculum was refreshing to know that more people are being reminded of how crucial the online world is for business in this day and age. There are still many small business owners who are simply not taking advantage of this area and they are simply being left behind. Going to a course like this and learning some fundamentals, actioning what you can yourself (or employing the services of a business like my own to help), you will be able to take advantage of the many benefits the online world offers.

Register For This Free Course Yourself

If you own a small business or are in the process of starting one, I really do recommend this course. It is free which is a fantastic initiative by the government, and you will learn a great deal and make some fantastic connections like I did. To register your interest for the next course please contact Alice Langford on her website from the link below.

- Ryan